CNHARC maintains several repeater systems. Utilizing leases and agreements, the club repeaters are available for all licensed amateur radio operators as well as the NH Hospital Association and other organizations utilizing amateur radio. Our repeater coordinator is Mark Persson, W1DDI. Mark and the dedicated team keep the repeaters up and running with virtually no down time.

While funds to maintain the repeaters comes, in part, from club dues, CNHARC is able to provide fantastic coverage and have high-quality equipment and accessories because of the generous support of the Repeater Sustaining Members.

This is a very prestigious group and CNHARC is thankful they help make our repeater network one of the best in New Hampshire.

We are currently building a point to point network to connect all of our repeater sites. Here is a link for more information P2P Network (cnharcNet).


Gilford Franklin
 146.985 FM  147.300 FM
 53.770 FM  145.480 D-Star
 447.775 D-Star
Echolink Node147390


Sanbornton Moultonborough
 146.670 C4FM  147.390 FM
 449.675 D-Star  144.390 APRS Digi
 STARnet Digital 449.5750 D-Star


446.625 FM
 144.390 APRS Digi
 APRS iGate 
 DCS026 Reflector
 XLX603 Reflector
AllStarlink Nodes

You can see scheduled maintenance items for the various repeaters in the calendar below: