Members of the Central NH Amateur Radio Club have a long history of mentoring and teaching others.  “Ham Radio” has its own special term for someone who provides personal assistance or guidance to those interested in the hobby or learning more.   The term is an “Elmer”.

There are many facets to our hobby and thus many things to discover.

What are you passionate about? Would you like to share your expertise and become an “Elmer” and help someone out ?

What would you like to learn ?  Can we hook you  up with an “Elmer” to help you along your journey.

Email the CNHARC webmaster now, give him or her your contact information and the areas you’d like to learn about or mentor.  Hear are some examples of topics that have already been brought up.

Basic Electronics – need to know about resistors, capacitors, transistors and all those tiny colored items on that circuit board? Start here. Mentor: Adam Foley

Basic Radio Troubleshooting – if your radio doesn’t work, you may get lucky and find out why. Mentor: Adam Foley

Public Service – many public events in the region need communicators who will not falter no matter the weather or when an urgent situation happens. Hone your skills with seasoned professionals. Mentor: Cliff Dickinson

SOTA: Summits on the Air is an exhilarating combination of hiking and amateur radio. Proceed down this path and you’ll soon have your first SOTA activation! Mentor: Cliff Dickinson