The following are officers of the Central New Hampshire Amateur Radio Club. The terms are for one year and elections are typically held at the May meeting.

President – Adam Foley, N1RKW (2016)
Vice-President – Glen Aldrich, KC1AAI
Secretary – Sandy Percy, W1SND
Treasurer – Tom Persson, K1LQN

The Steering Committee assists with the Officers in providing guidance and direction to the club. The terms of office are for three years and elections are held at the May meeting as well.

          Steering Committee 

Clayton Ferry, N1VAU (term expires-2017)
Barry Green, W1JFK (term expires-2017)
Dick Christopher, N1LT (term expires-2017)
Cliff Dickinson, N1RCQ (term expires-2018)
Jim Robinton, N1CRZ (term expires-2018)
Chris Read, N1HD (term expires-2019)

Appointed Positions

Aleda Nichols, KC1CCU (Field Day Coordinator)
Don Percy, W1DND (Meeting Program Coordinator)
Mark Persson, W1DDI (Repeater Coordinator)
OPEN (Publicity Coordinator)