Our  Meetings:

When: Our meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month (except December) at 7:00pm.

Where: The Gilford Community Church, 19 Potter Rd, Gilford, NH. 03249.  Our meetings are in the basement of the main building.  Enter the double doors that are closest to the road when looking at the building from the parking lot.  Proceed down the steps on your right.  An elevator is available by entering the main building from the left side under the covered breezeway.

If you’re new to the area and need help and directions, talk-in is on our Gunstock Repeater.

Upcoming Meetings:

NOTICE: Future meeting topics are subject to change, especially due to the cancellation of the February meeting.  There are times when guest speakers schedules conflict and they may have to be re-scheduled.  Please check back here for updates as the meeting dates get closer.   Below you will find a list the main topics.   Depending on how long they run, we are working on providing some  surprise “short” programs after the break.

September  5th   *** NOTE *** LOCATION ***

Program:  The CNHARC September 5th meeting will be held at the Lake-Region Mutual Fire Aid Center, 62 Communications Dr, Laconia, NH 03246


Thank You to Cliff / N1RCQ for arranging the following:

The Dispatch centers main conference room well be open to us from  6:30 to 8:30 or as late as we need.  Members arrive at 6:30 for rag chew and snacks.

A fire Dispatch speaker will give us a 30 minute or so overview of what they do starting at seven-ish. At 7:30 we will break in to a couple groups, one will tour 911 center and the other will tour the actual fire dispatch area, then switch so everyone gets to see both.

(Special note:  We want to remind all club members and guests to set their phone (and radios) to silent or turn them off while in the actual dispatch room and the New Hampshire 911 center).

After the tours we will all meet back in the main conference room and can cover any club business at the time, rag chew & enjoy snacks.

October  3rd Program

Speaker: Jeff Millar / WA1HCO:  How familiar with Software Defined Radios (SDRs’s) are you ?   Jeff designs them and he will be here from the Nashua Amateur Radio Club to tell us all about them.

I have asked Jeff some questions and I hope you will bring yours as well.  He will cover some of the basics, talk about capabilities, attributes (Pros and Cons) and I am sure much much more.

November 7th

Speaker: TBD

December  ??th

Program:  Annual Holiday Party.

Programs Looking for a Speaker

– Grounding:  How should your ham station be grounded ?  What are the elements of a well grounded station?  How does grounding interact with lightning protection, and RF grounding ?  What is a ground loop ?  What type of conductors should be used ? How many grounds should you have ?  How should ground rods be installed ?  Is it okay to use your home’s electrical ground ?

— end of list —